Thursday, January 20, 2005


Thoughts of a Tsunami.

Has the recent tsunami changed my opinion about the role that chairties play in my life?

the tsunami was horrible. i was defintly moved up out of my sit as i watched on the tv that each day the death toll rose rapidly. I do not udnerstand how everyone can fret about the little things in life adn about who called who a name and shes not my friend becuase she dithced me on firday nite at that party.....if anythign we should be all grateful fo rthe thigns we have and take the time to tell all the people that mean somethign to you "i love u". becuase as we sit here arguing wiht firends over silly things there are people across the world who have nothign , no family or friends and have lost it all if anythign we shoudl all be thankful. My opinion on the charities have defintly changed becuase before i thought that yes there were they and i was contributing to people in afirca suporting children who have no food but i nnever knew that at a time liek this they would be the most dependent thing. I recently collected all the bottles from a number of blocks aroudn my house and aprtment raising money to give to one fo the charites beliving that they were one of the ways i coudl help those victims in thailand.My opinion on chairties are that they are a major source of help aroudn our world and i am so thankful that i cant put it into words what it means to me for this chairties to do what they do.

Friday, October 15, 2004


blogg # 2

some of my successes in life have been definitly in my sports. I have made my highschool football team which is a very hard thign to do and even mroe i am 1st string for defence on my football team. to make the football team and start on defence you need to be very athletic, be persistant in coming to practices, and have the skill to play this sport and keep up to everything. Another one of my successes is in soccer! i made the wvan gold team and i have made the whitecaps junior team in previous years which is like proffesional team for my age. Some of my failures have been math 8,9, and currently 10...jsut joking! i ahve had troubles with math and it kind of is a failure but i havent actualy failed that course. I have failed in certain tasks im asked to do maybe fixing somethign or while im doing a job. I feel awesome about my successes in my life and i do have more than jsut my sporting activities btu as for my failures i have learnt my lessons and will knwo what to do when i come amongst these problems or situations again in my life.

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